14 July 2020

ContinuitySA confirms Waterfall’s Corporate Campus as new premises

ContinuitySA has chosen Waterfall’s Corporate Campus for its newest premises. A leading provider of business continuity management services in Africa, the firm is expanding to accommodate greater demand for disaster recovery and work area recovery facilities.

In the current environment, companies are placing increasing emphasis on the need for resilient business continuity plans and capabilities and more importantly, ensuring that their disaster recovery competency is supported by robust infrastructure. ContinuitySA has identified Waterfall’s Corporate Campus to support this, offering dedicated networking capacity while being environmentally conscious.

With ContinuitySA’s client base becoming increasingly aware of the need to provide alternative work areas for occasions when their primary sites are inaccessible – fire, flood or industrial action – the ability to offer their clients an efficient, off-site working space in an on-site location is critical.

“We are committed to creating safe, sustainable spaces for our clients and visitors. Corporate Campus has been developed with the very best in urban design and sustainability principles, the Campus offers green design elements such as pedestrian walkways and shaded cantered roofs, unique architectural features in each of the buildings, as  well  as  centrally  located  communal  amenities  such  as  conference  facilities  and  a  restaurant. ContinuitySA’s office is currently targeting a 4‐Star Green Star rating by the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA)” comments Attacq’s Chief Development Officer, Giles Pendleton.

Corporate Campus is situated on the corner of Waterfall Drive and Lethabo Close. It is a secure, 35,000m2 premium-grade office park comprising of seven buildings in total. It is home to several prominent companies such as Accenture, Isuzu Motors South Africa, Decision Inc. and SASSETA.

Miron Naidoo, Development Manager at Attacq, comments: “With elevated market interest in our Waterfall development portfolio, it is imperative that we present our clients with a comprehensive mixed‐use offering that reflects the iconic lifestyle city we have created. Waterfall Corporate Campus showcases the precinct’s ability to house architecturally innovative, and environmentally responsible, spaces in which people can connect, unwind and thrive.”

“As specialists in business continuity and resilience, we pride ourselves on our ability to identify and mitigate risk. “The Campus offers a robust location from which we can help our clients build resilience into their operations, providing executives, directors, suppliers, clients and regulators with peace of mind. We are delighted to have joined the Waterfall family and look forward to servicing our clients from this central hub,”concludes Michael Davies, CEO of ContinuitySA.